Friday, June 10, 2005

tye dye bye bye

well miss bean, the goodbye issue is on its way to the press. i hope i have been at least a semi decent contributer. but it has been good. i liked your class. here is a haiku to seal off the year.
all the sleepy mornings
peanut butter captain crunch
where are the golfers?

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I am trying to remember, through he hazey confusion of the weekend, what i was working on in this class. hmmmm..... i'll come talk to you ms. bean. I am watching the neighbor's fanged herbivores again. They are probably sucking the life-juice out of radishes as we speak. how did i get euro motion stuck in my head? svendle keeps saying, "stop dancing, you look ridiculous" in my head

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

midterm sickness

pshaw! chemistry! what shall i write for a goodbye article? summer summer i want to simmer in summer. my cat won't let me sleep. if i kick him off he comes back, PURRING! if i put him out the door, he comes in the window! michael is super duperendous michaelicous! i love him!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


The desert page has been mastered, perfected, beautified and sent of to a life of love and success. so now we must write the good bye issue ms. bean? hmmm. goodbye school and goodbye vision. i think i caught a rare brazilian ameoba in the carmel high swim pool because i wake up everymorning looking like the hunch back of notre dame with one eye half closed because the eyelid is so swollen. so i can't see and i have to walk around wearing these yellow sunglasses lest some ones gaze fall upon me and i am regected from society like a leper because of my grotesque deformity and die sad and alone in the woods with the fruit bats.

Friday, April 08, 2005

don't touch the chewed up pencil

i am off to write brilliant things about a bunch of butt-sore people filling in little bubles with cheap, fake-wood pencils! ta!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

since i am writing an article that could potentially be the most boring atrticle of all time, it is of the uptmost importance that i do something drastic. the person does not generally get jazzed up about star testing. but no worries, miss bean, i'll make it exciting.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

there is a scary on campus

i'm feeling highly disturbed right now, because some crazy on this campus is carrying my poor little phone and my favorite little bag around in their guilty little pocket. or maybe chucking them callously into a muddy ditch. someone here today is going to be smirking around the halls laughing at me and i have no way to find out who the little jerk is. being a naturaly trusting soul, this whole oreal saddens me greatly. this person is the tarnish on the greater human good, the meanspirited bottomfeeding gooey bruise on an otherwise perfectly good banana. and the worst part of all is they dragged my poor michael into the whole mess, which means, if i catch them, any empathy i would have felt for them will take the form of unequaled avengement. you should see the text messages the rat sent michael from my phone. i'd type them here, but i am afraid the computer screen would start blushing. theif beware!

Monday, March 28, 2005

most randomly i feel like listening to simmon and garfunkle right now, peut etre bridge over troubled waters. Norah was telling me about this york man she has an eye on, and he said the most wonderful thing, which i want to record as to not forget it. he was talking abotu this tea place in the Santa Cruz called the ugly mug that has great tea, and he said, "it is like drinking a living thing" now i want to hop in a car and drive up to santa cruz to find myself a sip of this living tea. Michael and i will be going to the concert on friday and he said something about stopping in santa cruz on our way up there, which will be awesome. i'm really looking froward to traveling with him, i just hope jack can make it that far............

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


no more saint pat article. and i worked on it for so long. ah, well.

Monday, March 14, 2005

so now i must diffuse the formality out of my writng which, untill now i did not regard as so greatly formal. i gueaa that comes from reading too much Jane Austin and Thoreau. but the greater student body is not going to be intrested in all that. except andrea. so green replaces verdant and i'll rewrite Saint Pat's once again

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

blog time blog time soggy loggy blog rine. i need to work more miss bean. and i will. some time. i had the most horrible dream last night, about david. the last i had seen him he was down in this narrow ravine with this roaring river, and it started to rain. he didn't come back, and we were all sure he had died. then i was looking through a roll of pictures i had had developed and there was one of him walking through some trees with a baby in his arms. it was really strange. i was so devestated, crying all over the place. but i'm sure he is his normal self, wearing his soul rebel shirt and riping through LA. he is probably eating all the cereal at radium as we speak. i do miss him a lot around the house. he is really one of the happiest people i know, my good brother.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Gas Pump

Being the late bloomer that i am, I will be seventeen in six days and still i am without a lisence. I am nothing more than a ignorant driving menace trying to make it from my house to safeway and can excuse me a wee bit because i am having to learn the whole deal on a clutch, but the majority of my failure results from nothing short of laziness. but i actually tried yesterday. And i ended up getting stuck in a sage bush trying to make a u-turn. of course there was plenty of room to make the turn, and anyone else with more steering wheel finesse than i, which is everyone, could have made that turn easily. Eventually i made it to the gas station, undoubtly with bits of sage wilting in the grill, and learned how to pump gas. while the subaru was getting it's fill of fosil fuels, my mom and i tryed to help a lady open that little door thing over the gas cap, but to no avail. i successfully pulled out into oncoming traffic and made my way home, missing the mailbox by a hair as i slid behind the 4-runner. i think people should just drive arund in those four person bicyle car things you see over on the rec trail. that i could handle. although, that couild be sort of scary going down carmel hill, and it would definetly make changing in the car impossible, for most anyway. i'll bet michael would still do it. but you wouldn't want to get anything caught in the bike chain. anyways, i leave these obstacles of transportation for another to solve and go work on my u-turns some more.

Monday, February 28, 2005

My break and this Newspaper

Today i will be motivated and write write write for this newspaper. quality in quantity, right? So i had a cool break. Dannielle brought me to this birthday party down in Big Sur. There were drums and dancing and people singing. And the air outside was most delisous tree-dirt smelling air, if you could escape the smoke. There were fire dancers too. That was my favorite part; seeing the flaming swords and sticks and swingy thingys. Everyone had the most beautiful costumes of silk pants and belts of gold disks and dangelies. And i got to see lots of my wonderful michael this break. He beat me down thouroughly in two rounds of intense Hotels. yes yes roll for me. And this week we can sit together at the end of carmel beach and sip chamomile tea out of our oriental tea cups that we painted. How wonderful that will be!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Thinking of Michael

I'm going to see Michael this evening and i am Quite excited about that. The day has been so bleak! I ate the leftover spaghetti and watched Mrs.Doubtfire again. i do like that movie. The skin on my ankle has turned green because i was mowing the lawn this morning. I am green all over, like a lepricon.I always feel so conspicous mowing the lawn, with our house on the corner and all. Everyone has to comment on it. The mailman was talking on and on about edging machines after finding me kneeling in the gutter trimming around the mailbox with the hand clippers. And i stood there with grass clippings in my eyebrows and listened.
i'm so lonesome! i have written to half the people in my address-thing on the email and not one of them has written back. I wonder what the sleek and handsome michael is up to.he is probably playing fantasy baseball with dannielle. or maybe they are writting music. I want to play baseball with him again, but he probably gets nbored of watching me chase the ball. well, i should say you, my love. i do believe you're the only one that reads this.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Michael is probably at sleep now. you bring a knife to school and they let you sleep in. the whole system is crazed. maybe i'll write an article about you michael. just don't knife me!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

i plan to write something for once.

I will do a review of the Jazz Band concert. that will be a good topic. this morning i wandered out of my house around 6:45 and i found myself in the softest mist, or perhaps you might call it haze. Which ever name one gives it, it was beautiful. the edges of everything were so soft that they just faded into nothing. it was like being on the fringes of a dream. i dreampt last night, in the strangest place. there was muddy muddy water and i was in it, teaching a tiny little girl how to swim. we dove into the water, first with all our fingers, then three then two. through a jagged hole in the wall behind a small boy and into a stone passage way. the bunnys were so happy to see me. they are the only ones that have acknowledged me with any excitment. but i remind myself, they are rodents and any eagerness they express upon my entrance stems solely from my ability to provide them with bits of cabage and parsely. so i made their little salads in the morning mist and Mr.Bennet and Elizabeth taked on of the discracful behavoir of Lydia and Wickem. And the first etuide will wait for me, asleep in its spot in the folder slots. until then, adieu.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

poetry in a newspaper

have no idea
condensation on window
the golfers are gone

Monday, February 14, 2005


i need some inspiration, my mind is in filtration of trepidation salutations!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

i must create!

well miss bean, i have written my review... i did it on the phantom of the opera and i think it turnedout pretty good. i just have to think of something else quick because i have to turn it in to you tommrow. So. a poem perhaps? i had the strangest thing for dinner tonight... seaweed salad. i thought about ariel as i was ordering it. it seemed like the type of thing ariel would eat. and it was really good. very chewy, and it had a wonderful flavor. my mom tells me it is the "woman's" food, because it has a lot of iron, i guess. men pump iron and woman eat iron and my iron sits on the shelf next to the starch. Do you think the student body would appriciate an article on adventurous dinning...seaweed an the like? i must think quickly.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

French Horn Style

Michael James Greco is the best guy in the whole wide world!


sorry i took so long to set up my blog, miss bean. but it is done despite my ineptitude. if that is a word, i'm not quite sure. i played this game at michaels house last night with him and his sisters, which he probably created as an excuse to run around and hit them. he was a violent child. basicly, your head was covered in a blanket and people snap you with towels untill you managed to hit one of them back. what is with brothers and hitting? my brothers used to throw those litlle gunpowder balls at me, they snap and spark when they hit the ground. i would run around in terro rwith those little things snapping at my feet. but now i am big enough to fight back.
so anyways the class is good. i'll try and write something for the paper now.

Monday, February 07, 2005

an eclectic selection of beauties

So finally i believe i have unraveled the mysterious ways of this blogger-thing. As an aspiring student of your journalism class, i hope that i will be able to write some sort of something to spark your intrest. My dear friend ariel is good at this sort of buisness. i must admit, my favorite part of the class so far are those wonderfully large windows. you know, i stole my brothers bedroom from him for his windows. that room in the afternoon turns the most glourious golden color. Now my brothers live in an apartment in LA, and there isn't much to see outside the windows in LA, just a twin apartment building and a little strip of blue sky. There is a cute little girl that lives across the way, though. when i woke up on his fouton in the living room one morning, i saw her down there on the sidewalk on her tricyle. And David, one of my bro's, tells me that sometimes they get these crazed birds, huge colorful numbers, that come and attack the tree outside their window. convicts of a Hollywood petshop, i suppose. like big parrots i hear. That is what LA is, the drab and currupt mixed right in with an ecclectic selection of beauties.

i think i have figured it out

i am afraid i have spent most of the morning battling my computer incompetence instead of contributing anything in the form of journalism. but i am happy to be here with it raining right outside of these gloriously large windows. good day!